What to know about buying prints

If you're here then you're probably looking for a bit of information about wedding photography in London, Ontario. When considering purchasing prints of your wedding photography you need to be aware that not all prints are created equally. There are a few different factors to consider when making your print purchases. I’ve created a list of these considerations to help make this choice easier.

Type of print

Is it an inkjet or chromatic print? These are the two most common types of printing these days. Both have their pros and cons. The advantage to having inkjet prints made is the variety of papers that can be used. While chromatic prints resemble traditional darkroom photography, and use light on photographic paper to produce an image. Both are archival quality, but inkjet prints can have richer colours due to the paper that can be used.


Prints from most department stores tend to use lower quality paper, and will fade over time. Archival paper can still be affordable and produce a much longer lasting image. With inkjet printing there are greater options with textured or smooth, glossy, or matte finishes, and coming in multiple fibre materials such as regular paper, cotton, or bamboo.

Photo finishing

When getting your own prints made the photos are not finished. This term refers to mounting, matting, and framing a print. The standard image out of modern DSLR cameras produce none standard sized prints. This results in a lot of images being cropped while printing. Instead of order 8x10 look for 8x12 instead. This will allow for the full image to be printed without losing any of the image to cropping.

What's offered at Scherle Photography

Scherle Photography only offers archival prints made at various price points. The standard prints are chromatic prints, while the signature line are museum quality inkjet prints done on bamboo photo rag paper. Regardless of the price range the images are custom mounted and matted to fit standard sized frames. This allows for the luxury of finding yourself a frame that matches your current artwork, in a size that is more affordable without making the sacrifice of a cropped image.

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