New Website


For those of you who have been following me, sorry for the lack of blog posts. Hopefully I'm back on track now; I have a few ideas for future posts too, so stay tuned.

As for the topic at hand. Clearly the big development with Scherle Photography is the brand spanking new website. It's no longer flash based, the blog is now native to this site, and there is also a mobile site to boot. What does this mean you may ask? Well for starters the wedding galleries will load much quicker, the website is now supported for those of you who use iPhones and iPads, so it will reach a broader range of people who can enjoy my photos.

I also updated all of my galleries, so there may be some new work you haven't seen as well.

Also if you enjoy my wedding photos, but are interested in other genres head over to my also newly updated personal website here.

Until next time take care, and come back soon.

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