Photo Of The Week

I've missed a couple of weeks due to Christmas and the preparations for the wedding expo, but the photo of the week is back!

A Friendly Face

This is a portrait I did of a friend.  Everyone once and awhile I have the pleasure to spend some time with her.  This lucky day I was able to capture a few pictures of her.  A very happy and willing subject!

Portraiture to me is a small glimpse into the person's soul. It is seen in the subject's eyes, or body language.  In every picture the subject reveals a bit about him/herself.  Although it may not be obvious, with a little investigation you can find it.

Typically I prefer to only use one light while lighting my portraits.  The simplicity forces me to become more creative in order to get a great shot.  This particular picture however, I chose the classic loop lighting technique (The shadow from her nose creates a little loop on her face).  It is extremely pleasing for just about everyone, and lets the person's face speak for his/herself.

To see more of my portraits please follow this link.

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