Photo Of The Week

This week’s photo is from a wedding I shot this past summer.  The bride is a friend of mine, so the wedding was a lot of fun for me.  And the food was absolutely top notch.

Thinking of the day to come

Love is in the air around Christmas time, and so are the looming bridal shows.  Thousands of brides swarm these events to book everything for their weddings.  For me it’s a time to get my name out to a large crowd all at once.

This image was taken in the bedroom the bride grew up in.  Placing her in front of a blank wall, and using only the adjacent window for light the composition is as simple as the set up.

I like this photo because of it's simplicity.  This is the exact type of image I try to capture during wedding shoots.  It makes you wonder what’s going through her head, as well as tells a story.  I know she will cherish this image for many years to come.

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