Photo Of The Week

This week’s "photo of the week" I decided to drift slightly from the purely nature theme, and post a shot I took of a lovely lady doing yoga.

If you have been reading any of my previous posts, you will know that the forest is one of my favorite places to be.  It allows me to explore unique lighting situations, and to practice my photography in a stress free environment.  But most importantly it allows me to venture out and connect with nature.  

The forest stimulates all of my senses, and forces me to slow things down just to take it all in. The decaying logs that once stood proudly keeping watch over the land.  The wild flowers that surround the edge of the woods always have a wonderfully sweet smell, which forces me to linger just a little while longer.  The view is always spectacular, from being in a tree, or laying flat on the ground the perspective changes, but it is always a beautiful sight.  I get a wonderful feeling from picking up a leaf and having it crunch to dust in my hand, or grabbing a snake and have it curl up to you in your hand.  The sound of the trees swaying and the animals playing always puts a smile on my face.  These are the reasons I love being in the forest and this is where I feel most comfortable away from home.

The Strong Tree

The scene is set in a clearing on the edge of one of the forests I frequent.  Standing strongly in a tree pose I feel this photo is simply fitting.

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