Photo Of The Week

I am introducing a new reoccurring topic where I will be showcasing one photo I have taken.  I will do my best to explain the picture, and why I choose it as well as any other interesting stories that go along with it.  The image I choose may be one that fits with my mood, or it may be from a recent job or project I have been working on.  Regardless of what it is I hope that everyone enjoys it.

So without any further adieu, or shenanigans, the inaugural photo of the week!

Winter Stroll

As the air becomes colder and the nights become longer, winter is undoubtably around the corner.  Some people choose to hate this time of year, but I try to embrace it.  Last year in London we received 140cm of snow in three days.  Many people stayed in to wait it out, while workers did their best to bring the city back to it's functioning self.  I however thought the most logical thing to do would be to buy snowshoes.  So I quickly made my way to the store and purchased a pair, and off I went to concur Snowmageddon as the press was calling it.

This image on the other hand was not taking during that memorable snowfall, but rather on a much much colder day in January.  For those of you who have not visited a beach in the blistering cold of the winter I really encourage you to do so.  The waves crashing in form large ice banks can reach up to 2m in height.  This is seen in the background of the image.  The lack of obstructions from buildings or trees aid the setting sun to cast a very lovely purple hue on the snow, which is another reason I love coming to the beach in winter.

This image depicts myself at Port Stanley Beach walking away from the camera.  My footprints lead the viewer through the image while enjoying a lovely sunset on this unique terrain.

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