Photo Of The Week - Dec. 8 2011

The first instalment of the "photo of the week" had a great response.  This encouraged me to try and seek out something that is special and close to my heart.

Poolside View

Throughout the year I take many trips to the local forests.  Even though these oases are in the city and seem secluded from the wild they truly are very much alive.  Walking along the paths of least resistance may treat you to some spectacular views, particularly early in the morning or later in the evening when the beautiful dappled light shins through the fortress of trees.  Sometimes spotting deer, foxes, or even coyotes.

If wildlife is what you’re after bushwhacking into the thick and waiting is your best bet to get a close up view.  But for the more adventurous type (like myself), ditching the tripod and stalking the animals is the most rewarding way to go, rekindling the natural predatory instincts.  Like the swift lion on the hunt!  Moving slowly and quietly, being sure not to startle the prey (or subject since we’re taking photographs).  Waiting for the exact decisive moment to capture what the average person would never get to see.

The photograph I choose is not of any impressive beast, or sweeping landscape.  Rather it is of the common leopard frog.  The picture is very simple; it is a frog sitting on a lily pad.  Getting this picture however was slightly more complicated.  The light was getting quite low, and I didn’t have a tripod.  This made getting a sharp picture that much harder.  The frogs weren’t coming out either, so the wait was really testing my patience.  However in the end it all worked out.

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