How To Prepare For Your Engagement Pictures Part 2

Last time we talked about choosing a location.  This time we’ll wrap it up, so you will be completely prepared.

How to dress?

This subject is about as personal as it gets, but these few guidelines can make your pictures more appealing.

1.     Avoid strong patterns.  Patterns are distracting and take the eye away from what’s important.  Your face!
2.     Matching with one another is ok, but not necessary.
3.     Depending on the location (see part 1) you should dress appropriately.  Don’t wear a suit in the forest.


Some photographers like to pose their clients, and some would rather capture candid moments.  If the photographer you chose is the posing type there are a few things you may need to know.

1.     Work with the photographer.  If you think of a pose feel free to suggest it.  Most photographers these days like to make their clients happy, and will try just about anything.
2.      Know what your face is doing.  I know this may sound funny, but before the day of the shoot practice smiling in the mirror.  Getting to know how a nice smile feels will help a lot.  This will also be great practice for the pictures on your wedding day.
3.     Try something out of the ordinary.  Everyone has a comfort zone, but sometimes pushing it can make your pictures that much better.

Choosing the time of day

This is extremely important!  If your photographer prefers to use available light the morning or evening are the best times to get the engagement pictures done.  The mid-day sun casts very harsh shadows over the eyes and is typically very bright.  This can lead to washed out backgrounds.  Shooting in the morning isn’t for everyone, but in my opinion is the best light.  The soft light and warm colour casts are lovely, and the directional light is as good as it gets.

I hope these tips are helpful.  If you’re on the market for engagement or wedding photography feel free to shoot an email my way (, and I’d be more than happy to meet with you, and create a package which best suits your needs.