The Beautiful Image!

Some photographers choose to specialize in a single genre (ie. weddings, portraits).  For me all photography is the same regardless of the subject.  Capturing something beautiful and telling a story with it is what it all comes down to.  It really doesn’t matter what I’m shooting it can be weddings, sports, nature/wildlife, or a simple portrait.  I work hard to capture a beautiful image.  A beautiful image is one that captures a moment in time that can take you through an event that happened, or make you want to be there. 

Combine a special location with spectacular light, and a great composition, and presto… a beautiful image!  Capturing a bride laughing and grinning from ear to ear on her way down the isle… a beautiful image!  Getting the shot the moment an athlete achieves an amazing feat.  That creates… a beautiful image!  A beautiful image can be found anywhere.  It just takes some creativity and the will to find it.

I love what I do, and do what I love.  Following my passion and always working hard to reach the goals of creating a beautiful image will continue to be my motivation.

Sunset In Arizona

First Dance

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