How To Prepare For Your Engagement Pictures Part 1

For many couples engagement pictures are necessary when booking their wedding photography.  However most people aren’t completely comfortable in front of the camera. In the next few weeks I will continue this multi part post, which will be dedicated to how you can prepare, and get most out of your engagement pictures.

The first thing I’m going to address is the location.  The following is a short list of suggestions, and some of the attractions they may bring.

The proposal location.  If the place your special someone proposed to you is romantic it may be the best choice.  It would hold a strong sentimental value to you as well.
The beach is always a great location. Many people use the beach as one of their choices simply because the sunsets (and sunrises) are extremely beautiful.

The forest is also another great option, and is a place that is close to my heart.   The light that comes through the trees is unique and is very hard to replicate.  There are many maintained forests in and around the London area that are very accessible to the public.

If you’re not the type to enjoy the great outdoors perhaps a more urban approach would suit you.  Using man made structures, as the backdrop for the pictures can be something very unique and interesting.

Finally probably the least cost efficient choice would be choosing a different destination, which you would first need to travel to. Your images would be very unique and it would be an extremely fun experience.

Choosing the right location for you is the most important thing here. However if your photographer is not comfortable traveling to certain locations this may be an issue.  Your location should reflect your personality, and the overall mood you wish to be captured.  This isn’t rocket science, and should be a fun experience.

Part 2 will be up in a week or two so stay tuned.

If you’re on the market for engagement or wedding pictures feel free to shoot an email my way (, and I’d be more than happy to meet with you, and create a package which best suits your needs.