Wedding album

In this digital age there are less and less brides opting for a traditional wedding album.  Many of them insist that getting all the high-resolution digital negatives on DVD is all they really need.  But is it really?  The images on the DVD are just that, digital negatives.  Once an image is finished (in print form) it becomes a completely different creature altogether.  A well finished image has better quality than even the best HD computer monitors.  The colours are true, the image is sharper, it's something everyone should be able to experience especially when it comes to their wedding photos.  My question then is, why spend a lot of money to get your wedding photographed, and settle for the bare minimum?  You deserve better, really you do!

Why get the album over prints?  The biggest reason I push my clients to purchase albums is because of the story telling ability a well thought out album has.  It in itself can become a work of art as well.  From the binding choice, to the cover and even the type of paper the images are printed on.  Wedding albums have come a long way since your grandparent’s old slip in books.

Why don't I just get the pictures from the DVD and make the album myself?  Well sure anyone these days can go online and make themselves a photo book from various companies.  But this is your wedding, you deserve better than just a hard cover book.  You deserve a handmade album with all the trimmings.  Something that will last the rest of your life, and even for several generations to come.  Your photographer has a lot more sophisticated software to design the album.  The binding companies themselves only deal with professionals to maintain the integrity of their product, and it's not in their best interest to just start building discount books to satisfy the general public.  The other problem with the idea of getting the DVD and just making it yourself is that life gets busy.  You keep putting it off, and eventually you never come around to it.

What if I can't afford the album while booking my wedding?  Well this might be one of the greatest factors in not getting the album, but many photographers offer financing options give you a little leeway.  This basically opens up the luxury of having a wedding album to anyone in any budget.

The largest reason of all is that after a few months of having your wedding images on your computer, you'll just stop looking at them.  If you have them in a beautifully bound book I'm certain you'll be more swayed to sit down, open it up, have a look, and if the photographer has done a good job your memories will all be brought back with each turn of the page.