Scherle Photography

Scherle Photography specializes in artistic and timeless wedding photography. Every moment of your wedding is captured with a great attention to detail.

A passion for creating beautiful imagery is at the heart of Scherle Photography. Regardless of the subject, the focus is always to ensure the photography looks it’s very best.

A passion for the product! Your wedding photographs aren’t just pictures, they are a creation of love and passion. For this reason Scherle Photography offers a range of luxury albums, and prints that are customized for you. This human touch ensures a tailored product that is unique, and will remain a timeless keepsake of your special day for many generations to come.


Mark has been shooting professionally since 2008. He has a versatile repertoire from capturing candid moments to creating elaborate artistic shots. By shooting with an unique artistic style you can be assured that your wedding images will be classy and one of a kind.


I have been incredibly influenced by nature. As a child my parents would take my siblings and I camping for our vacations. This was what sparked the love I have for trees, animals, and landscapes. Now my free time is mainly taken up with adventures.

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